How do you wear your perfume and make it last?

A smell is like a signature, a scent mark, a unique identifier. Its odours accompany you, expressing your feelings and who you are. That’s why it’s important that your scent sticks to your skin, lasting all day and lingering into the night. 

It’s crucial to store your scent properly, preventing any damage that could weaken its lasting power. Keep your scent away from light, moisture, and heat. Keep your bottles in a chilly place, maintaining a temperature between 11 and 15°C, inside their original wrapping. Steer clear of the bathroom, as it tends to be excessively warm, damp, and well-lit. Unopened scents improve with age, so store them well. Once opened, use them within a year.

You might have noticed that a scent that smells great on one person might not be as appealing on another. There are reasons for this and several tips to enhance the longevity of this fragrant treasure. 

Occasionally, putting fragrance on your hair can be a fantastic idea: just spritz it on your comb or brush before grooming. Fragrance can also be sprayed on specific types of natural fabric clothing like cashmere, wool, linen, silk, and others.

Tricks to make your scent last longer 

  • Get your skin ready: keeping it hydrated is crucial for a powerful, enduring fragrance. 
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water.
  • Massage your skin with oil or Vaseline to maintain its softness.
  • Use skincare products suitable for your skin type.

Choose products with mild scents that won’t clash with your fragrance. You can also mix a few drops of your scent into your body lotion. It’s thicker than lotion and will linger longer.

Apply your scent to pulse points, the warm areas of your body with good blood circulation: the hollow of your chest, wrists, elbows, and belly button. The neck is a prime location for scent, with multiple pulse points: at the base of your neck, behind your ears, and at your hairline. Just one spray on each of these spots is plenty.

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